Worldwide Technology locally Integrated


To be the leading force in digital transformation  for nations


To empower ambitious nations towards a digital economic future by localizing software and hardware solutions and collaborating with top global companies and innovators to achieve an advanced future that serves society, drives economic growth, and promotes a sustainable planet.

Our Core Values


We deliver on promises. As partners or customers, we sacred our contracts to build trust, foster respect, and create a strong foundation for success. We strive to live up to our values even in our challenging stages where our integrity shines.


Together we soar. Teamwork is fundamental in the firm, whereas externally we forge win-win value-driven partnerships to deliver the ultimate solutions for our customers’ challenges. We don’t compete, we complete the picture.


We pursue excellence. We set audacious goals, prioritize customer focus, and operate with adeptness in delivering our work. We seek to exceed expectations and drive outstanding results.

Who We Are

SEIYAJ TECH is a leading technology company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, localizing cutting-edge technologies. Our primary focus is on developing innovative solutions and meeting the specific requirements of governments by localizing top international companies.

At SEIYAJ TECH, our team consists of passionate technologists, strategists, and visionaries who are dedicated to harnessing the potential of technology to enhance lives and create a more resilient future. We believe in breaking down barriers, fostering trust, and working together to create groundbreaking solutions that redefine the possibilities for governments and the communities they serve.

Why Collaborating with us

Experts in Digital Solutions
and Web3


Localization and
 B2G Model

Market Entry
and Expansion

Social Impact

Advancing Government Capabilities
SEIYAJ TECH invites you to dig into our comprehensive spectrum of solutions designed to empower governments with cutting-edge technologies.
Explore Specific Initiatives
Discover our industry-specific solutions designed to enhance government efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement. We streamline healthcare operations, implement renewable energy, revolutionize real estate with Proptech & IoT, boost industrial efficiency with IIoT, and develop smart infrastructure. Each solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of government entities, shaping a transformative future.
Collaborative Partnership
SEIYAJ TECH is committed to fostering robust partnerships with governmental bodies. We encourage you to initiate contact through our readily available channels to discuss your specific challenges and aspirations. Our team of highly qualified professionals is eager to engage in dialogue and explore tailored solutions that drive tangible results.
Investing in a Sustainable Future
Collaborating with SEIYAJ TECH means embarking on a journey towards a more efficient, sustainable, and social centric future. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, your government can enhance operational excellence, environmental responsibility, and the well-being of your constituents.
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Our Founders

Hussein Al Khars

CEO & Co-Founder

We at SEIYAJ TECH believe localization is the cornerstone of successful technological advancements for regional governments.
Sustainability underpins our approach, manifesting in initiatives that are socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and commercially sound.
Partner with us as we propel the region toward digital transformation and a future powered


Jamal Hazime

Vice President & Co-Founder

SEIYAJ TECH unlocks human potential with transformative technology. We believe in localizing technology for driving progress in regional governments. More than digital solutions providers, we’re architects of regional progress, tailoring solutions that empower local communities, safeguard the environment, and promote sustainable growth. Join us and become a part of the vanguard, where boundaries are shattered, possibilities redefined, and a new digital narrative is born.


Ali Zeindeen

Digital Transformation Managing Director

Mathieu Jabbour

Planning & Strategy Executive

Wajih Jamal

Project Manager

Katerina Hakmeh

Human Resources Manager

Perla Douaihy

Marketing Manager

Hussein Al Khars

CEO & Co-Founder

After succeeding in evolving Al-Khars Holding Group dating back to the 1970s as a General Manager, Hussein Al-Khars marks a significant milestone in founding SEIYAJ TECH company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hussein Al-Khars pledgees impactful initiatives committed to social responsibilities towards his nation in building a brighter future in cultivation projects to encourage agriculture, unwavering support for children’s education, support elderly in health and in launching initiatives in food distributions.

Jamal Hazime

Vice President & Co-Founder
Automotive veteran, strategic leader, and impact-driven entrepreneur, Jamal brings a wealth of experience and a passion for building successful ventures to SEIYAJ TECH. His journey began in 2006 as the Franchisor owner of Mitsubishi Motors, where he refined his skills in operational excellence, customer centricity, and team leadership. These skills now translate seamlessly to the dynamic world of digital solutions and green energy technology.
At Mitsubishi Motors, Jamal played a pivotal role in elevating the brand and expanding its market reach. His focus on operational efficiency and customer-centric strategies fueled significant growth over five years, marked by innovative marketing campaigns, enhanced customer service, and strategic network expansion.
Driven by a desire for greater impact, Jamal transitioned from managing franchises to creating his own. SEIYAJ TECH, under his co-founding leadership, is striving to revolutionize the digital landscape through an unwavering commitment to innovation. Its mission: becoming a global leader in adopting and developing cutting-edge solutions through strategic partnerships with top international companies.
Jamal’s leadership style is defined by collaboration, empowerment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He fosters a results-driven environment where individuals thrive and teams unite to achieve ambitious goals. His deep understanding of digital solutions and green energy technology informs his strategic vision, enabling SEIYAJ TECH to navigate opportunities and challenges with agility and foresight. Beyond business, Jamal’s passions lie in nature, from jogging and hiking to savoring the outdoors. His leisure extends to playing billiards and exploring the world of agriculture. This passion for connection and growth fuels his commitment to creating value not just for SEIYAJ TECH and its stakeholders, but for the broader community and environment.
Beyond business, Jamal’s passions lie in nature, from jogging and hiking to savoring the outdoors. His leisure extends to playing billiards and exploring the world of agriculture. This passion for connection and growth fuels his commitment to creating value not just for SEIYAJ TECH and its stakeholders, but for the broader community and environment.
Jamal is the driving force behind SEIYAJ TECH’s success, leading the company with a clear vision, a determined commitment to excellence, and a passionate focus on making a positive impact.